Super Dry

Customer experience as its finest!

A long and time consuming R&D work was done from Expromo side to finally announce the new standard in transparent solutions. A attachable Expromo media folio with the ability to have high transparency, high light output (up to 6.000 nits) and with no need of expensive, and heavy weight sub-construction. Just attached the folio to the inside of the glass and create a fantastic visual customer experience.Together with our good partner Prodok AS and the modern and audacious client Superdry we created the new version of retail shop.


  • Costumer:
    Prodok AS (Client: Superdry)
  • Place: Sandvika
  • Year:
  • Screen type:
    Large format transparent display
  • Screen model:
  • Screen size:
    3,000 x 3,000 mm – 9 m²