Solar-powered pylon

Our first solar-powered pylon

We have installed our first solar-powered pylon, which is mainly powered by solar energy from integrated solar cells on the back of the pylons' LED components. Expromo's unique SPSTM (Solar Power System) enables higher utilization than conventional solar cell solutions. That means, with the solar cell system, large amounts of energy can be saved. The energy from the solar cells can compensate as much as 87 % of the consumption of the LED screens. With new high-efficiency panels, electricity can be produced even in gray weather - And in the winter months, the pylon is also partially self-sufficient.


  • Costumer: Horsens Kommune
  • Place: Look on Google Maps
  • Year: 2021
  • Screen type: 
  • Screen model: 
  • Screen size: 4800x2080

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