Boston Consulting Group

High end clients need high end solution.

In collaboration with our partner Displaysystems AS – Expromo designed, produced and installed the “crown jewel” at the top floor of BCG new HQ in Oslo.The screen represent a unique design and really stands out from other standard “out of the box solution”. The high demand for color space, greyscale, no noice and visual performance made Expromo design a special screen for the client.We are proud of the result and for the trust from partner and client.


  • Kunde:
    Displaysystems AS (Client: Boston Consult Group, Oslo)
  • Ort: Boston Consult Group, Oslo
  • Jahr:
  • Bildschirmart:
    Big odd size screen for auditorium
  • Bildschirm Modell:
    EXP1,5 SMD-IC – color space 85% of rec.2020
  • Bildschirmgröße:
    9,072 x 2381.4 + 1020.6 mm – 17.483 m²