Creating impressive shows with Expromo LED large displays


Since 1886, one of Copenhagen's most iconic buildings, the Circus Building, has been the venue for entertainment shows and circus performances. Since 2004, the Wallmans entertainment group has impressed audiences with spectacular dinner shows matching those found only in world cities such as Las Vegas, Berlin and Paris. Expromo LED large displays have been an active part of the performance stage since 2012, and the 132 m2 LED displays help create the most beautiful Wallmans shows ever.


  • Customer: Wallmans
  • Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Year(s): 2012 + 2017
  • Display type: LED large display
  • Display model: EXP3.9 SMD-IF + EXP6.25 SMD-ID
  • Display size: 87 m² + 45 m²