Horsens goes digital!

Horsens Municipality has expanded their communication channels with eight digital LED pylons. Citizens and visitors can stay updated on local activities and events as well as information from Citizens' Service.

Traffic safe and Eye Catching

A digital city pylon is an eye catching digital signage solution, which is based on an LED screen. The city pylon is designed for outdoor use and its picture quality is not affected by the weather conditions, not even direct sunlight. As the city pylon often is used in city areas where there is traffic, the luminosity of the pylon is controlled via a sensor, which ensures that there always is a balanced relationship between the luminosity of the sign and its surrounding. This function ensures that the luminosity of the screen does not bother the road users.


2048 x 3072 mm (6,3 m²)
10 mm
7 one-sided and one doublesided

Communication to the citizens

The LED pylons are an important media in the municipality's communication to the citizens, because the strategically placed pylons meet the intended target group in the cityscape.

The eight pylons are strategically placed next to the busiest approach roads to Horsens. The strategic placement of the pylons means that the messages on the signs reach a large and wide target group consisting of drivers, cyclists and other passers-by.