Impressive thinking and an exciting Expromo LED solution in a new building.


The Messe Basel exhibition hall, in existence for more than a hundred years, is home to the world's largest watch and jewellery exhibition, BASELWORLD. Since its construction in 1916, Messe Basel has grown to comprise three exhibition halls. The most recently completed hall was built in 2012/13 and replaced the former hall 1. In the new hall, an entire balcony in the entrance area was covered with an almost 500 m² Expromo LED Mediastripe® large display display. Three Expromo movable LED large displays, each 11 m², were then placed on top to create exciting effects. All displays can be synchronized.


  • Customer: MCH Messe Schweiz (formerly MCH Group)
  • Location: Basel, Switzerland
  • Year: 2012
  • Display type: LED Mediastripe® large display and LED large display
  • Display model: Expromo LED Mediastripe® 80 mm and Expromo LED large display 3.81 mm
  • Display size: 499 m² and 3 x 11 m²