Our new high-end SMD cabinet combines cutting-edge technologies to create an outdoor screen
with an extraordinary contrast ratio, high brightness and an impressive resolution.

The cabinet is EMC-Class-B certified, meaning that it does not disturb nearby technology with electromagnetic emissions.
EMC-certified LED-displays is a necessity in places like airports because they can't disturb critical infrastructure.

EXP3 SMD-O provide remarkable imagery with bright colors and a dark black - even in full daylight and direct sunlight.

It is furthermore both durable and very energy efficient, a combination that makes this cabinet an excellent option for
outdoor applications like airport signage and outdoor cinemas. Download product sheet.


Expromo sells LED products, which offer the LED industry's best design and quality. The LED products are designed, developed and produced
by the Danish owned company Expromo. The products' unsurpassed quality combined with our skilled technicians' knowledge
and experience with the LED products, make our LED solutions the safe and reliable choice.